Risk Management

Risks have the uncanny ability to manifest themselves within any activity we perform in the work environment. In life nothing is constant except change, and unmanaged changes routinely throw a spanner in the works. With ever shrinking contingency budgets worldwide, disruptive risks can mean the difference between success and failure when it comes to business survival.

Risk Management is an essential technique which can be applied in wide-ranging disciplines and environments to enhance preparedness for uncertainty. It provides greater foresight to executives and calculated options to managers for coping with the unexpected.

Risk Assessments entail the identification, measurement, and prioritization of risks. Measurements attempt to assess the probabilities and impacts of undesired events. Risk Treatments require the application of resources to minimize, monitor, and control risk. More proactive approaches yearn to maximize the realization of opportunities, which are classified as positive risks.

ISPIN provides comprehensive Risk Management services for a broad range of industry environments, as well as specific methodologies tailored for Information Security Management and Business Continuity Management.

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