Project Management Office (PMO)

Project Management Office (PMO) is becoming the central organizational structure for standardizing the practices of the organization in the delivery of their projects, PMO vary in size, function, values and many other factors. Whatever your organization size or activities, ISPIN will design your project /program/ portfolio management office to make your organization identifying, prioritizing, planning, managing and controlling your projects and any related work to achieve your specific strategic business objectives.

Advantages of having a PMO

PMO is a department or group that defines and maintains the standards of processing related to project management methodology within the organization. PMO is key to successfully implementing process improving and ensuring finish the projects within the required time frame, budget and being aligned with the organization business objectives.
• The main advantages of having PMO in your organization are:
• Consistence project management methodology;
• Consistence templates and project management forms;
• Consistence project management software and tools;
• Easier to manage resources;
• Collaboration between projects;
• Centralized and historical learned lessons center; and
• High client satisfaction

Our approach

ISPIN believe in people who consider the most important success factor for any project and organization, that make ISPIN to apply a combination of people, process and tools to enable and mature enterprise project management capabilities instead of just focusing on tactical approaches. Here is ISPIN we are focusing on how to make project management more adoptive, responsive and innovative to ensure
• Projects can be delivered effectively and efficiently;
• Projects are aligned with the organization’s goals;
• Project s success rates are increase;
• Project management competence increase;
• Standards, templates are well developed and improved; and
• Learning is embraced

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