Compliance & Governance

Main targets of Governance are:

• Creation of Shareholder value or value for the State/Country
• Mitigation of Risks

IT Governance is the responsibility of the Board and management and is an essential component of corporate management. IT Governance consists of the leadership and organizational structures and Processes that ensure that IT supports business strategy and goals.

Align your IT with your business strategy perfectly and combine maximum efficiency with minimal risks and costs. Our experts can help you to organize your IT in a professional way to manage, control and monitor IT. To strengthen your corporate security and meet compliance requirements.

We can help you in answering these questions:
• How can Governance and Compliance be used as a competitive factor in the market?
• What are the mechanisms of Governance and Compliance in the business organization?
• What are the responsibilities and duties of the Executive Board, Management and Supervisory Board?
• What do regulators, auditors and government authorities expect from you?
• Is the value proposition known of your IT? What is the value added service from IT?
• Who defines and monitors IT? Does a strategy and IT strategy exists?
• What are the KPIs to measure IT?
• Do we Comply with the Regulations and legal requirements? What to do to comply?

We understand Governance & Compliance as Actively shaping leadership task.

The definition of Governance Principles, parallel Ensuring compliance of requirements from various internal and external Regulations, implementation of control system, development of process controls, conducting walkthroughs and assessments are part of these tasks. ISPIN is using its experience and approach to fit it to the needed organization.

Adapt flexibly and quickly to new market situations can be a key factor for corporate success. The role of IT is of high importance, as nearly all business processes are supported or even enabled by IT.

But transparency is needed. Not seldom, IT is a "black box" only to be understand from insiders, so no clear controlling of the situation and understanding by non-experts. In addition, huge IT budgets are not understood and whenever something does not run smoothly it is the IT.

We understand IT Governance as a management tool that must be individually designed and implemented so that it can be a "living system.

The right Priorities must be defined, the right strategy in place, the right actions AND how to measure the success of this implementation.

Our experts usually begin with the identification of company-specific management weaknesses and gaps, and then work with you to create a holistic approach that includes the essential elements of an IT governance:
• Strategic Alignment
• Leadership and decision making structures
• Risk management, including compliance
• Resource Management
• Measurement and reporting of quantitative and qualitative performance.

The approach developed by ISPIN for the establishment of an appropriate IT governance puts you in a position to control your IT.

The ISPIN approach is based on a comprehensive IT governance framework that brings together alongside established frameworks and best practices and the experience of many accounting and consulting projects in themselves.

Your Advantages with ISPIN as partner in Governance, Risk management and Compliance:

• You will secure comprehensive advice on strategic, tactical and operational level with ISPIN
• You benefit from the knowledge of our consultants in e.g. ISO 20000, ISO 27001 and COBIT ™ to create your needed framework
• You can achieve legal certainty, because you always meet all legal requirements.
• You will save costs through customized solutions.
• You will gain more visibility/transparency through our external, objective analysis of your situation

ISPIN understands Compliance to respect and fulfill all relevant laws, regulations, policies, standards and contractual obligations and voluntary commitments. This includes the company self-imposed rules.

To avoid potential risks and prevent harm to the organization, the management must establish a centralized compliance management system:

• These include organizational structures, processes, associated reporting and related controls.
• Extensive preventive ways to prevent the emergence of compliance risks, such as through criminal activity or to identify at an early stage.
• The compliance department is transparent to the outside and inside.
• The board of directors pushes the Corporate Compliance in all organizational units.


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