Business Continuity Management (BCM)

Business Continuity Management (BCM) defines the development of Strategies, plans and actions to avoid serious damages or catastrophic disasters.

Main target is to secure the Continuity of the Business and to manage the Damages occurring from Risks in a sustainable way. This includes handling Crisis in the best possible way and clear crisis communication and processes. BCM is as well connected with Governance.

To continue the Business in case of the event of a disaster (Business Continuity) we have to do several Analysis and plans.

It has to be discovered:
• What processes must be strictly maintained, and
• What measures are necessary.

Business continuity management is concerned with the analysis of possible situations that lead to the stagnation of critical processes and thus threaten the survival of the organization. These processes and the possible risks to which they are exposed are to be determined. We need to define the maximum tolerable downtime of critical business processes.

These priorities must be defined and required resources are allocated. A measure in the course of a business continuity planning is the Disaster Recovery, the entire process of business continuity, however, must also deal with very many other points.

As part of our consulting services for business continuity management, we will assist you in defining appropriate measures to minimize the potential risk and potential downtime.

We analyze the existing emergency management in your organization and work with you to assess the preventive measures already implemented as well as the specific instructions that will lead to the occurrence of emergency situations for rapid recovery of business activity.

ISPIN supports you with:
• Alignment of Business Continuity Management / Disaster preparation in accordance with proven standards (BS 25999, ISO22301, BSI-Standard 100-4)
• Identification and analysis of critical business processes and functions in your business (Business Impact Analysis)
• Conduct Risk Assessments for potential threats to critical business processes
• Introduction of preventive measures that serve to avoid disruption of business
• Introduction of transitional measures after the occurrence of emergency situations
• Planning of all emergency arrangements for the fastest possible restoration of operational capability of your organization after a claim (Business Continuity Plan, Emergency Manual)
• Planning and evaluation of emergency exercises/drills
• Analysis and documentation of security incidents and their causes
• Create or review documentation of emergency (emergency preparedness concept, emergency manuals, training plans)

We will establish this jointly in a way, that your business is not affected and that the continuity gives you more time and stability to run your business.

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