Security Incidents & Events Management (SIEM)

A Security Incident & Event Management is a computerized tool used on enterprise data networks to centralize the storage and interpretation of logs, or events, generated by other software running on the network as well  security management needs continue to push the limits of security information management platforms, requiring massive scalability, broad and deep visibility into business and IT systems, and blazing analytical performance.

To accommodate these needs, next-generation security management must be built upon a foundation of performance and scalability, allowing security and compliance professionals to collect, store, analyze, and act upon risks and threats--quickly, easily and accurately.

Why should you go for SIEM?
• it provides full collection, analysis and reporting of log and event data
• Establishes security baselines automatically, in real time, so you can easily see "normal" vs "abnormal" behaviour.
• Detects anomalies and other indicators of risks and threats before threats occur, so you can strengthen your security profile and minimize risk.
• Lightning-fast, interactive user interface enables rapid threat investigation and incident response.
• Tracks and logs all incident investigations and response activities.

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