Data Loss Prevention (DLP)

With an ever mounting risk of insider negligence and the skyrocketing cost of security breaches, data loss is beginning to become a question of business survival.  Year after year, CIOs are reporting Data Loss Prevention to be a top priority for their organizations.

An effective way to address the problem is to leverage DLP technology that is content-aware and capable of inspecting data in use, at rest, and in motion on enterprise networks. Endpoint computers, storage servers, and gateways at the network edge are critical checkpoints for detecting and preventing leakage of sensitive content. DLP systems provide real-time alerting and rapid response to policy violation incidents, allowing your confidential data to remain constantly protected.

Technology alone cannot overcome the daunting task of preventing data loss in large, distributed organizations. Successful DLP deployments require assessing the risk of data loss and designing policies tuned to a specific industry’s operating environment. Incident types that cannot be automated require swift human attention from incident response teams, which in turn require specialized training for classifying and handling sensitive issues.

Having specialized expertise in DLP consulting and implementation, ISPIN offers a DLP solution that best integrates advanced technology with leading services to resolve the data loss problem at its source.

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