Security Incidents & Events Management (SIEM)

A Security Information Event Management (SIEM) system is a vital component of any secure organisation. Not only does it ensure that internal threats are identified, it also highlights those on the outside - allowing an organisation to protect its data, clients and its reputation.

Without doubt, SIEM will help an organisation react effectively to security incidents. It provides reporting and analysis of data to support regulatory compliance initiatives, internal threat management and security policy compliance management.

If these are some of your questions:
• WHY should you manage your own SIEM?
• Can You outsource this to an organization even by a higher SLA 24/7 to watch your critical systems or attacks and get alerts?
• Do You have the right skills in your organizations to work with a SIEM?

Security Information Manager (ISM) is coupled with ISPIN's dedicated team, so that any organisation can benefit from a world-class SIEM service that can monitor and correlate security events from a wide vendor footprint for security devices on a 24/7 basis.

The managed SIEM service enables organisations to:
• Optimize budget options for hardware acquisition
• Leverage existing hardware investments and maintenance contracts
• Increase scope of security data included in intelligence gathering
• Improve support for changing customer environments
• Automate collection, analysis and delivery of compliance evidence
• Save time not having to customize reports
• Easy reporting based on compliance standards
• Significantly improves detection of multi-layered attacks
• Reduce administration of rules maintenance and can reduce number of rules needed
• Increases detection of multidimensional user access activities
• Collect security information
• Correlate security events
• Define incidents
• Report on incidents
• "Forensics on the fly" across multiple devices
• Take speedy and appropriate actions

Monitoring the activity occurring across the security infrastructure greatly enhances the security posture and increases the overall return on investment, whilst enabling an organisation to quickly identify and guard against malicious activity.

In implementing the SIEM on your side or managing it for you, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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