How can you be certain your email is protected from spam?

Every day, organizations face potential communications, operations, and intellectual property disruption from spam and other email-borne threats. Without effective defences, these disruptions can create significant costs and losses.

Email threats have evolved, going beyond viruses and spam alone. Virus, spam and spyware writers are now taking advantage of each other’s methods. For example, in 2010, botnets (trojan virus infected computer networks) were responsible for around 77% of all spam emails1. Typically, more than 89% of email volume is spam. Spammers are getting more sophisticated, and spam blocking is becoming more complicated. Attackers are motivated by financial gain and seek to sell private information in what has become a well organized underground economy.

The AntiSpam service helps organizations combat these threats through advanced perimeter defenses. Operating at the Internet level with automatic and continuous updates, AntiSpam delivers protection against both established and emerging spam techniques ensuring long-term, always-on network protection.

Additionally, our technologies include traffic management and connection management capabilities to safeguard bandwidth. Traffic management slows down spam at the TCP/IP layer, while connection management uses heuristics to block unsolicited email at the connection layer and prevent attacks at the user management layer.

Spam Defenses

• Traffic and connection management identify, slow and reject spam or suspected user attacks.
• Multiple commercial filters detect and reject spam originating from known sources.
• Skeptic predictive technology detects and rejects spam from unknown and new sources

The service is also configurable offering clients a range of completely customizable handling options for messages identified as spam at the various layers of the
service. Intuitive administrator and end-user spam quarantine tools provide for a flexible and productive antispam experience.

Talk to one of our experts today and we will show you How to increase your security and Reduce your costs.

• Helps identify and defend against spam and targeted email attacks
• Saves time and resources wasted dealing with unwanted email, and helps protect corporate bandwidth
• Looks inside every URL within an email to detect malware in the linked website
• Supports global workforces with multiple spam quarantine languages

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