Managed Security Services (MSS)

A must for all of those organizations, which want to have
• latest's security Technology
• 24 by 7 running requirements
• Saving a lot of money

ISPIN Managed Security Services offers affordable, real-time protection to help organizations achieve compliance and reduce risks in the face to today’s ever-changing security threats. Managed Security Services are Security Services that have been outsourced to us as a service provider and a systematic approach to managing an organization's security needs.

• Defends against viruses, Trojans and phishing attacks away from your network
• Automatic updates keep multi-layered protection current
• Backed by an aggressive SLA covering 100% protection from known and unknown viruses
• Uses Skeptic™ predictive technology and shared global threat intelligence help defend against emerging threats in real time
• Fully configurable, with a range of actions for identified malware

• Helps identify and defend against spam and targeted email attacks
• Saves time and resources wasted dealing with unwanted email, and helps protect corporate bandwidth
• Looks inside every URL within an email to detect malware in the linked website
• Supports global workforces with multiple spam quarantine languages

Content Control
• Helps detect and prevent circulation of confidential or inappropriate text in email
• Flexible and intuitive rule-building interface helps establish policies quickly and easily
• Scans email content and supported attachment file types for comprehensive protection
• Applies extended character list recognition to detect keywords or phrases in non-Western characters

Image Control
• Helps protect employees from pornographic or other inappropriate image content
• Performs image scanning within supported file types that are attached to or embedded in emails
• Utilizes customizable lists of approved senders and recipients for flexible enforcement
• Customizable local and global community image databases allow for exceptions and protection from global trends

Email Encryption
• Encrypts email communications delivered over the Internet. Technologies include TLS and PKI
• Helps establish private email communications with business partners and customers
• Enforced TLS option encrypts all emails between two organizations to give a private network
• Policy-based option encrypts emails to any recipient and supports flexible delivery models
• Easy to deploy and administer with no need to manage keys and certificates

Email Archiving
• Purely Hosted Solution with no hardware or mandatory software
• Unlimited storage and retention
• World-class search & legal discovery Allows end-user searches within
• Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Outlook Web Access, secure Web portal or Blackberry
• Tools to facilitate with import of existing mail stores
• Support for Microsoft Exchange, Hosted Exchange, IBM Lotus Domino, and GroupWise servers

Email Continuity
• Provides employees with local and mobile email access during an outage
• Automatically synchronizes corporate directories, user accounts, contacts, calendars and distribution lists
• Delivers quick, one-step restoration of sent and received email data to your primary system
• Offers administrators priority order restoration
• Restores messages to the email server with metadata intact

Web Security Services
• Helps you defend your organization from Web-borne threats
• Aids enforcement of your Web Acceptable Use Policy and promotes proper Web use
• Enables a consistent, secure browsing experience for end users
• Helps protect bandwidth and productivity by applying file download, time and volume limits
• Protect remote and roaming users and enforce policies regardless of location

Instant Messaging
• Provides controlled use and multi-layered protection against new and known threats propagated via public IM networks
• Enables rapid creation of acceptable use policies so content within IM conversations & attachments can be controlled
• Logs all IM conversations, which can be sent to an archiving solution to support compliance
• Complements Email and Web Security and Control services

Hosted Endpoint Protection
• Protect Windows based laptops, desktops, and file servers with advanced technologies for antivirus, antispyware, smart firewall, and host intrusion prevention
• Automated updates occur transparently over an Internet connection
• Helps keep employee systems current whether they are in the office or on the road
• Provides administrators with access to management portal over a web browser

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