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What is File and Folder Encryption ?

File and Folder Encryption , is a form of disk encryption where individual files or directories are encrypted by the file system  itself. This is in contrast to full disk encryption where the entire partition or disk, in which the file system resides, is encrypted.

Types of filesystem-level encryption include:

  • the use of a 'stackable' cryptographic filesystem layered on top of the main file system
  • a single general-purpose file system with encryption

Why File and Folder Encryption ? 

  • flexible file-based key management, so that each file can be and usually is encrypted with a separate encryption key[citation needed]
  • Individual management of encrypted files e.g. incremental backups of the individual changed files even in encrypted form, rather than backup of the entire encrypted volume[clarification needed]
  • Access control can be enforced through the use of public-key cryptography, and the fact that cryptographic keys are only held in memory while the file that is decrypted by them is held open.

ISPIN provides a bundled encryption services ranging from File & Folder Encryption , Whole Disk Encryption, Cloud Encryption as well as Removable Devices Encryption using EgoSecure  

Data exchange in the cloud and file and folder encryption on the cloud are crucial for business today.
Without this service and security features loss of business will be the result.

Discuss with ISPIN the best options and secure your information assets in the right way.


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