Why Email encryption?

The problems with emails are, they contain sensitive information and attachments, like contracts, KPIs, and other secrets. They need to be protected to be read from external and internal persons.
Email messages are transmitted in plain text over the internet without any form of encryption and the email protocol does not have reliable way to guarantee or enforce end-to-end encryption as well recipients' mail servers may not be able to support encryption.

Copies of email messages are typically stored unencrypted on your computer, your company's or host's mail server, each recipient's mail server, and each recipient's computer.


We recommend to encrypt the emails and attachments in an easy, seamless and secure way. Every user will use their normal email as before, but now the communication will be secured.

How Email Encryption Works ?

  • Data is entered into the encryption algorithm.
  • The key encrypts the plaintext into ciphertext.
  • Decryption (process of converting ciphertext to plaintext) is achieved through the reverse of this operation.

At ISPIN, We provide a variety of solutions that serves this principle, where encryption will happen at the back-end with 0% user interaction. 


ISPIN is the official Middle East competence center for Zertificon and can support you in securing your future communication


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