Greater efficiency through IT Service Management

Combine efficiency and profitability through the introduction of ISO 20000 compliant processes. Our experts will advise you how you can align your IT service management according to the International Standard ISO 20000. With the help of standardized IT processes you rely on service processes that support your IT organization and meet your business needs. You can now measure and control your IT service management.

Based on defined metrics you can continuously check the status and initiate possible improvements and changes.

Your advantages at a glance

With the development and optimization of your IT Service Management according to ISO 20000 You will:

• Design your IT processes more effective and less costly
• Improve your IT services through proven processes and methods (and Best Practices)
• Provide a good performance and quality of your IT processes and - services
• Increase the Customer satisfaction
• Increase Productivity in Your core business
• Use your resources optimally
• Simplify your Communication through unified terms.

More IT Service Quality through four Actions with ISPIN

Our experts will guide you through four steps to a tailor-made IT service management.

1. Consulting
We provide comprehensive consulting services in the design, enhancement, implementation and optimization of processes according to ISO 20000. We will guide You from the GAP Analysis till You reach the certification of your IT Service Management (ITSM).

2. Workshops
Our experts share their know-how and thus promote your company to build its own expertise in the implementation of projects related to ISO 20000.

3. Coaching
When intensive coaching of your employees we address open questions and deliver the right solutions. Your employees are up to date knowledge and be able to process tasks to perform effectively and inexpensively.

4. Quality Assurance
Our quality assurance provides you with an objective and detailed analysis of your processes and provides recommendations for optimization. We hold, as applicable and effective process-relevant components are the following:

• Contract documents
• Process models and the process goals
• Process documentation, etc.

ISO 20000: documented quality and performance

Our IT experts will advise You in the design and implementation of processes for the ISO20000. With the establishment of an IT Service Management according to the ISO 20000 Certification You are clearly documenting to Customers and Partners the Performance and Quality of Your IT Processes and IT Services.

What can be certified?

In the Scoping statement, the certification according to ISO / IEC 20 000 can be limited to:

• Certain Services or Service Catalogs
• Certain (geographical) locations/sites
• Organizational and functional areas
• Some infrastructure
• Service provision for certain customers (groups)
• It cannot (!) be limited in the Processes (which have to be audited)
• Conformity to ISO / IEC 20000-1 must always be completely be proven

ISO / IEC 20000 Assessment and GAP Analysis (Know Your Status and the GAP´s)

Check Your Conformity of Your Service Management according to ISO / IEC 20000 with ISPIN

The ISO / IEC 20000 Audit will be done by one of ISPIN certified ISO / IEC 20000 Internal Auditors and allows You to assess whether your organization is already in a position to be certified by an external Certification Body and what are the missing GAP´s. The compliance of Your IT service management system (IS-Situation) according to the requirements of ISO / IEC 20000 (AS-Situation/Should be-Situation) will be evaluated and the GAP will be stated in a report with clear actions to close the GAP´s.

The following objectives are achieved with the ISO / IEC 20000 Audit and GAP Analysis:

• Creation of a rapid and cost-oriented Status according ISO20000 in Your Organization
• Clear presentation of the ISO / IEC 20000 certification Readiness of Your organization
• Building a sustainable, practical and pragmatic action plan to achieve the ISO20000 Certification
• Prioritize the needed actions in short, medium, and long-term improvements
• Part of an ISO 19011 compliant Audit program
• Supports Your continuous Improvement Process

What will be checked in an ISO / IEC 20000 Audit and GAP Analysis:

• The service management system (Chapter 4 of ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011)
• design and transfer of new or changed services (Chapter 5 of ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011)
• Service Delivery processes (Chapter 6 of ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011)
     - Service Level Management
     - Service Reporting
     - Service Continuity and Availability Management
     - Budgeting and Accounting for IT Services
     - Capacity Management
     - Information Security Management
• Relationship Processes (Chapter 7 of ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011)
     - Business Relationship Management
     - Supplier Management
• Resolution Processes (Chapter 8 of ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011)
     - Incident Management
     - Problem Management
• Control processes (Chapter 9 of ISO / IEC 20000-1:2011)
     - Configuration Management
     - Change Management
     - Release and Deployment Management

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